Berania Rios-Benitez

Assistant Real Estate Closing Coordinator

Berania assists Rhonda in organizing and readying real estate closings, and coordination with real estate professionals and lenders to bring those transactions to a smooth and timely close.

Our People:

Shannon Mitchell


Having begun his legal career working at a litigation firm, Shannon spent 20+ hours a week in courtrooms representing clients in personal injury cases, divorces, and criminal defense.  In 1993, he left there to establish his own office and began transitioning to a real estate, probate, and small business practice.   He reminds clients and others that we're a small firm in a small Alabama town - and that our reputations are the most valuable and effective advertising we ever intend to use.

Rhonda Strawn

Real Estate Closing Coordinator

Rhonda has a gift for problem-solving and over 25 years experience in real estate closings.

We've been practicing small business, real estate, and probate law for 30 years and we've found that our clients truly appreciate the time and effort we put into every aspect of their business or real estate transaction. We're here to help you succeed, and that's something we don't take lightly.   We listen to your needs and help you accomplish your goals in any way we can. 

We know that there are many options you could choose for your legal services provider, and we are grateful to be chosen each time. 

Shannon Schwall

Legal Secretary

Shannon prepares documents and works with clients in drafting  Wills, probating estates, and matters involving small business formation, organization, and management.

Hours: Mon - Frit 8am - 5pm


J. Shannon Mitchell

Attorney at Law

Heather Smith   

Real Estate Funds Coordinator

Heather manages the flow of funds, confirming that new mortgage loans are funded,that payoffs are made, and that all funds are properly distributed to the correct parties and accounted for.

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